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Munsell Catalog

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i1Pro 2 support

OS X compatibility

DeltaE* for Android


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color measurement and analysis



Color conversion tools, printer/monitor proofing,
and more...

  Version 4.7
(October 2014 - What's new?)


BabelColor CT&A

Color translation,
illumination analysis,
and more...

  Version 4.5
(December 2014 - What's new?)





Color-difference calculator

Version 1.0
(March 2012 - More info...)

(incl. Yosemite)

Windows  (including Windows 8.1).


V2.2 (Froyo) to
V4.1 (Jelly Bean)


BabelColor News!

The Munsell Color System Catalog

More than 1700 Munsell color patches printed on
professional grade Luster Finish photographic paper.

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OS X compatibility

Mac OS X compatibility (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)

CT&A 4.x has no known problem!
CT&A 3.1.0 b249
will not print properly. A corrected version can be downloaded.
PatchTool 4.x and PatchTool 3.7 have no known problem!

We have seen (and solved!) some issues with these versions
of Mac OS X; please consult this page for more info.

i1Pro 2

The X-Rite i1Pro 2 is compatible with CT&A and PatchTool!
CT&A 4 and PatchTool 4 support the new i1Pro 2 features, such as
the M0/M1/M2 Measurement Conditions defined in ISO 13655-2009.

PatchTool 4 also supports the new Zebra ruler!

Note: BabelColor CT&A 3.1.x and PatchTool 3.7 recognize the i1Pro 2 as if it was an i1Pro.



The ColorChecker page!


  BabelColor Color Translator & Analyzer (CT&A) for Mac and Windows

  • Version 4.5 (December 2014): Color and Tone monitor uniformity as per ISO 12646:2014-Final Draft; Version 4.2 (July 2014): Color Rendering Index tools: CRI, CQS (NIST Color Quality Scale), CRI2012 (nCRI Version 12), GAI (Gamut Area Index), MCRI (Memory CRI)
    (What's new?)
           <-- CT&A on the Microsoft Surface Pro!

    BabelColor CT&A is a collection of tools specifically designed for Color Translation, measurement, & Analysis. Tools are grouped by theme in individually managed windows; these windows are controlled with a menu or a toolbar window.

    The RGB vs RGB tool is a bidirectional RGB color-space translator and comparator tool. The RGB vs RGB tool accepts manually entered L*a*b* and RGB inputs; it does not require a color measurement instrument although many colorimeters and spectrophotometers can be used to input data (instruments purchased separately; a list of supported instruments is available here).

    All other tools need spectral data in order to provide results; these tools are collectively called spectral tools. The CRI tools can accept input from an i1Pro or i1Pro 2 fitted with am ambient adapter OR from a file (an instrument is NOT required). All other spectral tools require a connected i1Pro or i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, manufactured by X-Rite (the FluoCheck tools can only use an i1Pro 2).

  Features / Specs


  Mac download

  Windows download

  Revision history

  Purchase page

Click on a link for more information:

  PatchTool for Mac and Windows



  Mac download

  Windows download

  Revision history

  Purchase page

Previous versions included:

  DeltaE* for AndroidTM

  • Version 1.0 (March 2012): First Release!

    is a tool designed to compute color-differences using industry standard formulas. Compute DeltaE* (DE*) with the CIELAB, CIE94, CIE94-textile, CMC(1:1), CMC(2:1), and CIEDE2000 formulas. This program is designed specifically for the Android OS and can be purchased from the Google play Web site (previously called the Android Market).

    Click here for DeltaE* specifications, screenshots, and Help on the BabelColor Web site.
    Click on the following button to go directly to the DeltaE* page on Google play:


Topics of interest

PatchTool CxF3 export Application Note (New in PatchTool 4.5)

PatchTool can export to generic CxF3 files as well as several CxF3-compliant file types used by X-Rite's i1Profiler. This Application Note presents PatchTool's CxF3 export features while highlighting the differences of the various i1Profiler file formats. Examples are shown for X-Rite's i1Profiler "Measure Chart" and "Profiling" workflows.

AN-10 Exporting to the CxF3 and i1Profiler file formats with PatchTool (pdf; 1.4MB)

There are many other application notes in the Tutorials page.

CT&A tools for whiteness / brightness / fluorescence / opacity

FluoCheck (New in CT&A 4.0): The FluoCheck tools are made possible by the capabilities of X-Rite's i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer which supports the M0, M1, and M2 Measurement Conditions as defined in ISO 13655-2009. These tools were devised by BabelColor to rapidly evaluate if a color sample is susceptible to fluorescence and if two samples that match without fluorescence still match when fluorescence is taken under consideration.

Whiteness tools: These tools are specifically designed to measure white paper Whiteness, Brightness, Fluorescence, and Opacity in three clicks of your i1Pro or two clicks of your i1Pro 2 (the instruments must be non-UV-cut model). Since these measurements need to be done on compliant white and black backings, and require a well characterized UV-cut filter for fluorescence measurements if using an i1Pro, we also provide tools to check the compliance of such backings and measure the characteristics of UV-filters (backings and UV-filter not included).


Display-Check is a specialized tool of PatchTool. Use it to check your display calibration or to certify your monitor using the recommendations of IDEAlliance.

Many popular colorimeters and spectrometers are supported.

Click here for an example of a monitor certification report you can get from PatchTool (converted to a PDF format).

Please download Application Note #4 (AN-4) on the Tutorials page for instructions on on how to get similar data.

Use this tool in association with BabelColor CT&A ISO 3664 tools for complete monitor analysis.

Reviews / People who use BabelColor CT&A and PatchTool

Focus Numérique, a French Web magazine dedicated to Photo, Video, and Digital images, uses PatchTool's Display-Check to analyze the Dell UltraSharp U2413 wide gamut display. Voyez les résultats de l'analyse de l'écran Dell UltraSharp U2413 effectuée par Focus Numérique avec l'outil Display-Check de PatchTool.

José Pereira Digital Heritage: A Web site, in Spanish, dedicated to color management and its application in the cultural heritage field. Se presentan las diversas herramientas de CT&A y PatchTool.

The following content is based on older versions:

Marcel Patek Digital Photography: A Web site dedicated to the technical aspects of digital imaging, where you will find many examples of how to use BabelColor CT&A and PatchTool, with this page dedicated to BabelColor software.

PatchTool was tested by Miles Hecker (WyoFOTO) whose review was referred in The Luminous Landscape's "What's New" section. See also how Miles uses BabelColor CT&A to evaluate high-performance B&W ink-jet papers (see Part 2 of his Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper review).

Univest PrePress: This Company, located in Kiev, uses both PatchTool and BabelColor CT&A to evaluate displays and viewing booths for their customers. Click on the following links for extracts from their reports; you can also do a right-click to download the file. You will find contact info in the documents.

Color translation services

You need to find equivalents between FED-STD-595B, PANTONE, MUNSELL, RAL or other color spaces ?
See our services page!


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